Here we've listed some frequently asked questions for you girls to hopefully make it easier to understand our rental process you can always email us through any further questions you have to our email x
What date do I select?
When selecting your rental date please select the date you wish to wear. This allows us to accomodate enough time before your rental to send out to ensure it arrives on time.
When do I send the rental back?
Included in all our rentals is a return card with the specific date you are to return the dress by which will be the next working day after your rental unless there has been a prior arrangement made.
When will it arrive?
All rentals are sent out as soon as possible via overnight postage and will arrive 1-3 days before your event depending on the previous weeks' rental schedule. All tracking details will be emailed through to you so make sure to check that.
How long can I have the dress for?
The rental time frame is for one day/night so you're required to return the next working day after. If for some reason you need to extend this timeframe for a holiday etc you will need to pay an additional $20 per extra day you have the dress. Feel free to email us more about this or to request a rental extension. 
Do you offer try ons?
Yes, we do offer try on both in person in Whangarei and also via postage. Have a look at our try on page on our website for more info.
Do I need to dry-clean after I've worn?
No need to worry about cleaning or dry cleaning our garments as we'll take care of that. If there's any extra cleaning that is needed you will be invoiced for this as stated in our rental policy.