As some OG Borrowed Style supporters may remember we used to offer postage try ons back in the day, however, the time taken to do so and the increase in our rental schedule lead us to have to stop sending away for try ons but not to worry they're back!! 

Postage try ons will be available throughout NZ for garments which have not been booked for that week by the Wednesday/Thursday. This means that you can go online, check if the item you are wanting to try on has currently been rented for that weekend and if not you can request to try on by either emailing us or sending us a DM through Instagram from Wednesday evening onwards. From there we will be able to send you through a special discount code for you to book your try on at a discounted rate of $20, plus postage, your garment will be sent out Thursday/Friday arriving either Friday/Monday.
Please note send away try ons are NOT AVAILABLE FOR RURAL ADDRESSES this is due to postage taking longer. If you live at a rural address and would like to try on please get it sent to the address of a friend or family member who does not live rurally then pick up from theirs. This does not change your return date, all return dates for send away try ons being the TUESDAY after trying on unless otherwise stated. Send away try ons while based on availability and may say available on our website for that weekend can be turned down due to rentals already booked for the following weekend.

Why do send away try ons cost that much?

Now we know what you're thinking, $20?!? Why can't I just pay the price of postage to try on? Send away try ons still put wear and tear on garments just like rentals do as well as requiring organisation on our end. However, based in availability we can send away up to two garments at no extra charge aside from extra postage if necessary during quiet periods. You'll also receive a code to use for $10 off your rental if you choose to book with us for your event x